The ultra cool UK magazine ‘SFX’ has gained some info regarding some changes PJ has made to ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’. While not following the book 100% (which I have always maintained is impossible) PJ uses text from ‘The Silmarillion’ to gain some inspiration. Read on:

SFX has gainerd access to some top information regarding Peter Jackson’s adaptation of LOTR.

One of our scoopers has discovered a little more about the story, specifically regarding two changes to the tale. These are rumors, so we cannot guarantee their accuracy.

Both are additions to the tale, rather than omissions or character revisons. The first is Second Age prologue, which opens the film. Presumably Peter Jackon didn’t think the birthday party had enough punch.

It details the final battle of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men, where Isildur and Elendil truiumph over Sauron, and Isuldur cuts the Dark Lord’s finger from his body, taking the ring for himself. During these events, which are detailed in The Silmarillion, Sauron will be seen wearing armour described months back on the net and is supposed to be spikey steel with a tattered cloak and a ram’s skull atop the helmet.

The second change to the story involved an Orc character named Lurtz. He was introduced to give the Uruk-Hai, Saruman’s magically altered Orc servants, a bit more drive. The Uruk-Hai first appear in a scene where they are shown emerging from pods guarded by normal orcs. Standing there, covered in slime, they are asked by Saruman “Who do you serve?” The Uruk-Hai do not answer, prompting a flurry of blows from the other orcs. Thus giaded, they attack and slay their tormentors, Asked again by Saruman “Who do you serve?” they relpy “The White Hand,” (Saruman’s badge). Later, it is this orc and his men who shoot Boromir Down.