Lots of news about the music came in since last night. Firstly, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra is due to start recording Shore’s score tomorrow, spending the next two weeks on it, according to a contact in Wellington.

Secondly, Radio NZ’s Sunday programme ‘Artsweek’ is going to interview the Irish band that is doing the music for Tolkien’s songs in the movies. I think they mean a local NZ band that does Irish/Celtic music. I will try and find out more, but in any case we’ll know next Sunday NZ time.

Thirdly, the Wellington composers’ group ‘Plan Nine’ are the people who did the score for Peter Jackson’s spoof documentary ‘Forgotten Silver.’ My information was that they were helping composer Howard Shore in some way, or dealing with some other aspect of the music in the film.

“I have always found the Forgotten Silver score to be very emotional and haunting,” said our informer, Julie. Thanks for that, Julie!