Greetings – Quickbeam here; inviting you to enjoy this month’s new Green Books:

  • Was J.R.R. Tolkien a racist? Go Out on a Limb as I discuss this most serious charge brought against our beloved author: “The Shadow of Racism”
  • Turgon’s Bookshelf has a great overview of NEW Tolkien publications for “Spring 2001 and Beyond”
  • Ostadan’s new Lore & Letters illuminates the world of invented languages: like Elvish, Esperanto, and Klingon!
  • There are eighteen colossal new Questions & Answers:
    • How does magic work in Middle-earth?
    • Was there money in Tolkien’s world?
    • Will Beleriand rise again?
    • What did Galadriel tempt them with?
    • Tell us of Thorin’s sister
    • Why capture Gollum at the Forbidden Pool?

  • Many wonderful new poems and stories are found in Moon Letters. Be sure to read Eledhwen’s continuing “Tales from the Red Book”
  • We have TWO new Special Guests on a range of subjects. If you want to be a Guest writer, just hop on board and send your submission!
  • Look for new updates in red to previous Q&A articles

Next month the feisty Anwyn will return! Join us as we explore the WORDS and WORLD of Tolkien.

Much too hasty,