From: Pieman

Was just watching Access Hollywood, and they had a quick report about LOTR. I heard that LOTR will be premiering in over 10,000 screens. They made it sound pretty huge.

Xoanon here: I watch AH every night, and the night I miss it, I miss some LOTR news! Ah well, if this story from Pieman is correct, LOTR will by FAR have the largest amount of screens on opening weekend ever. From what I’ve gathered, last X-Mas’ ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ currently holds the record at 3,127 screens in the US. Other biggies include: 2,938 Gladiator, 2,674 Titanic, 2,970 SW1, 2,104 SW4 (re-release), 2,111 SW5 (re-release), 2,111 SW6 (re-release).

We do know that New Line is working on a world wide release, so 10,000 seems like a realistic amount. Just image the amount of popcorn….