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  1. Amazon has a real opportunity now to put multiple LOTR shows into production - animation, comedy, 30 min, long form…

  2. It's on all of us to NOT share fake news and made up falsities, no matter who got this covered. Some sites just want to create shock value.

  3. Here's a 10k gold Narya - Ring of Gandalf inset with ruby for $750. celebrating first birthday!

March 25, 2001 at 9:38 am by leo  - 

Not only marks march 25th the day that Frodo destroyed the one Ring (thanks to Kimi for pointing that out to me), it also marks the first birthday of TORN-community site! So head over there, check out all the funny words, grab a piece of pie and play a nice game of Smaug’s treasury in the webgames section! [More]

Posted in Old Main News on March 25, 2001 by
The One Ring

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