Demosthenes dreamed up a wonderful topic to discuss and debate in The Hall of Fire for our March 24th and 25th chats:

Sauron, the Movies, and Me

The rumor mill has been grinding out lots of interesting information about the Master of Mordor, the Disciple of Doom, the number one Evil Power of Middle-earth’s Third Age, Sauron (ok I made those up, but ya know…) It’s time to hash over what we’ve heard, things like:

LOTR scriptwriter Philippa Boyens comments to the effect that she has written two scenes in which Sauron appears…

only two?

“As screenwriters, we totally agree Sauron is far more fascinating as a force of evil than as an actual presence.”

… yet we’ve heard about what he looks like… and seen lots of recent Sauron images in the news…

Lots of questions to explore here. What do you think the Dark Lord should look like in the movies? Sauron the armour-wearing axe murderer vs crowned machiavellian type? Will he have a speaking role? What kind of special effects might be employed to bring him to the screen? What are your images and thoughts of this character?

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