From: Androg

Just got the latest Kathmandu newsletter, and they have another bit about Lord of the Rings:

Melissa works at the Wellington beased production company 3foot6 and had the inside view of the production of Lord of the Rings — here is her account of the events:

“Finally, Tolkien’s best seller Lord of the Rings will be realised on film and at the helm New Zealand’s Peter Jackson. Principal photography began on October 11 1999 and wrapped up on December 22 2000, with another 2 years of work to come in Post Production. All three movies were shot concurrently, a movie making first requiring world class organisation and the commitment of thousands of talented crew.

Using over 100 locations around New Zealand, the crew experienced extremes in weather conditions. Standing around for hours in snow, hail, rain, storms, walking through rivers, fords, streams, trekking through snow, mud and shingle as well as being beaten by relentless sunshine. On some days looking around you might have thought that the crew was working for Kathmandu. Be it gloves, hats, jackets, weatherproof pants, thermals, boots, Kathmandu had a presence within the production from beginning to end.

We were embraced by numerous communities who opened their doors, shops, cafes and bars to sometimes hundreds of cast and crew. People were always friendly, helpful and supportive providing comfortable service and surroundings for tired and hungry crew.

One of my favourite locations was the Ruapehu region in April. Suffering from several shortened ski seasons, this community were more than ready for the huge influx of people. Having never spent any tim ein this area out of ski season I was struck by the beauty of the volcanic plateau. It was a treat to spend weekends hiking on many of the beautiful tracks in the area.

We had some of our largest days in this area. I remember the caterers feeding 1000 people for lunch in the area usually designated for beginner skiers, Happy Valley.

It was with great sadness that thousands of cast and crew said goodbye on the 22nd of December at a wrap party for two and a half thousand people.

The next day the star-studded cast packed up and left the place they had called home for nearly one and a half years. Hundreds of crew dispersed around New Zealand (and abroad) for much needed rest and relaxation.

Most importantly for the thousands of people dying to see the completed movie, “The Lord of the Rings” The Fellowship of the Ring will be in theatres on the 26th of December, 2001. For those who can’t wait, visit the official movie website”