Two reports from Kiresh

I’ve recently moved into Miramar and have a rather interesting view from my lounge and bedroom. It overlooks the a segment of Camperdown studios! If that wasn’t cool enough, last night (along with thursday last week) a very bright glow that lit up most of the area was beaming out of their backyard. On closer inspection there was also a blue screen setup and to top it off, last night there were several people I could see who were dressed in purple motioning rather strangely!? Is this more LOTR filming or something completely different?

They are doing more filming tonight. Smaller blue screen (heaps smaller than the one at wingate) however they made a semi circle around this with a strange bright purple thing!? Probably for lighting effects I guess. Theres another screen opposite the bluescreen which is white but is brightly backlit (more lighting?). The people just seem to be walking around at the moment. the main attraction however is the center pole. Im lost on this one and it could just be to rig lighting, however from here it looks like a wooden pole/tree thingy. Looking again out the window theres a second blue screen being placed above the first b/s.

They could be filming Ents at Camperdown right now, who knows!