We continue with our discussions of FotR with The Shadow of the Past.

An exciting chapter to be sure! Here we learn of the evil nature of the Ring and the epic power struggle taking place in Middle-earth. Come discuss the details, themes, movie applications, and other ideas on Saturday, March 3, and Sunday, March 4.

Our last Fellowship chat was a massive hit, and the next one promises to be as exciting. Come see what all the hobbits are talking about at one of our three chats this weekend in The Hall of Fire!

Place: #thehalloffire on theonering.net server; come to theonering.net’s chat room Barliman’s and then type /join #thehalloffire

Saturday Chat: 7:00 pm ET (19:00) [also midnight Saturday (24:00) GMT and 10:00 am Sunday (10:00) AET]

Sunday Chat: 8:00 pm (19:00) AET [also 10:00 am (10:00) GMT and 5:00 am (05:00) ET]

Sunday Chat: 6:00 pm (18:00) GMT [also 1:00 pm (13:00) ET and 4:00 am (04:00) Monday morning AET]

ET = Eastern Time, the time on the USA’s east coast
GMT = Greenwich Mean Time, the time in Western Europe
AET = Australian Eastern Time, the time on Australia’s east coast

Please send in your questions and topic ideas for future chats right here.