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Toy Fair Report on LOTR Footage

February 16, 2001 at 9:46 pm by Calisuri  - 

Ask and you shall recieve! Ringer fan Elestivine sent us this passed onreport of the Footage shown at Toy Fair 2001:

Scenes in trailer didn’t include dialogue, but the regular ol’ orchestra music and war cries, etc. In trailer were orcs, trolls, and (yes!) Gollum- being described as having huge eyes, green skin and dressed in rags. Also was a battle between Gandalf and Saruman, including telekeneesis (pardon mispelling) light flashes, and one of the two being slammed against the wall.

Also was a lot of army a battle scenes-including one which seemed to be at Helm’s Deep- and almost all were very bloody.  The scene we’ve already saw with Arwen being chased by Ringwraiths was in there again, and there was a new clip of Legolas knocking down some board, then sliding down it and shooting arrows at the same time (cool!). That’s about all I can remember but do note there were many war scenes.

Wow, sounds really cool! New Line, let the fans see too!!!

Posted in Old Spy Reports on February 16, 2001 by

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