Ask and you shall recieve! Ringer fan Elestivine sent us this passed onreport of the Footage shown at Toy Fair 2001:

Scenes in trailer didn’t include dialogue, but the regular ol’ orchestra music and war cries, etc. In trailer were orcs, trolls, and (yes!) Gollum- being described as having huge eyes, green skin and dressed in rags. Also was a battle between Gandalf and Saruman, including telekeneesis (pardon mispelling) light flashes, and one of the two being slammed against the wall.

Also was a lot of army a battle scenes-including one which seemed to be at Helm’s Deep- and almost all were very bloody.  The scene we’ve already saw with Arwen being chased by Ringwraiths was in there again, and there was a new clip of Legolas knocking down some board, then sliding down it and shooting arrows at the same time (cool!). That’s about all I can remember but do note there were many war scenes.

Wow, sounds really cool! New Line, let the fans see too!!!