This just came in from the band ”Glass Hammer”:

While the composer for the upcoming Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies was chosen months ago, (It’s Canadian Howard Shore) Tolkien fans may still see their favorite group playing a limited role in one of the films. According to the ‘buzz’, certain well-connected ‘lords’ of the sci-fi \ fantasy community are placing Glass Hammer’s music directly in the hands of director Peter Jackson.

Another rumor floating around points to a meeting between Jackson and Glass Hammer writers Babb and Schendel that is to occur later this year. These are only ‘rumors’, and the band will not confirm or deny their validity. Steve Babb of Glass Hammer did give us this much… “Our first connection with Mr. Jackson fell through. However, something has opened up lately; something we weren’t actually expecting.”

In other news, the new album “Live From Middle Earth” is expected to be available sometime this spring.

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