Ringer Fan Elvis Duke sends us this report and a few images from this year’s Toy Fair 2001:


I just got back moments ago from toy fair 2001, the world’s biggest convention of toy manufacturers. A number of companies were showing their new LOTR wares and I’d thought I’d share a little with you:

** Sideshow Toys had a bunch of amazing polystone figures. Some of the ones on display were Saruman & Gandalf standing figures, an amazing model of a Nazgul on his steed, and busts of Aragorn and Gandalf. The figures are very high quality and look amazing. I have attached several .jpg files showing what a few of them look like. I couldn’t take photos of the actual models, but these fliers should give you a good idea of the quality. Sideshow also had small-scale replicas of armor and weapons, all very impressive.

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** Games Workshop (the makers of WARHAMMER) had a display of miniatures and games from LOTR. The GW rep said they haven’t finalized the designs, and they haven’t finalized the licences yet, but they all looked great. The plan is to release a couple of small, scene-inspired game sets along with the first movie, with figures of the hobbits, etc, and pared-down battle rules. When the subsequent movies come out, GW will release massive game sets meant to simulate the epic battles in the book- think a giant WARHAMMER game, but instead of space marines you’ve got Riders of Rohan.

** Decipher has a LOTR card game in the works. There weren’t any examples there, but these are they guys who make the STAR TREK and STAR WARS customizeable card games, so we can kind of know what to expect.