From: Jebus

I found this on the popcorn website ( Sean Astin (Sam) talks about the LOTR films, and his time in New Zealand.

One of the stars of the three ‘Lord Of The Rings’ movies has been speaking exclusively to Popcorn about the upcoming trilogy, saying he hopes it “lives up the the hype”.

American actor Sean Astin plays gardener Samwise Gamgee in all three films, and he’s full of praise for director Peter Jackson’s epic vision. “It was really hard work but it was really good, important work,” the 29-year-old son of John Astin (aka Gomez in ‘The Addams Family’) says. “What Peter Jackson has tried to accomplish – and what he has accomplished – is so massive that it’s staggering.”

While Astin admits that life as a hobbit was gruelling, he says the delights of New Zealand were a major compensation. “New Zealand is one of the last unspoiled splendours on the face of the Earth, so we were working in Middle Earth – with the green lush forests and the rolling hills and the fjords and the snow-capped [Southern] Alps.”

“It was amazing,” Astin adds, “helicopting to the top of these mountains or working on an active volcano for six weeks – it was pretty spectacular.”