From: Matt

Well, me and a friend got to the cinema (the Warner Village in Plymouth UK), bought our tickets for Lost Souls, sat down and waited. We got the Almost Famous trailer, followed by the Hannibal trailer…then the film started!! We walked out understandably gutted.

The guy who took our tickets was very apologtic and gave us a refund whilst sending off a guy to find out if they even had the trailer. It turns out they didn’t even have a copy of the trailer, and had no idea that it was supposed to be attached to ‘Lost souls’ only, when we first came out he originaly said ‘It’ll probably be on Cast Away’ then.

They had no idea that the trailer was being advertised with LS, both in mags and on radio. As we left they were about to phone the local radio and ask them to mention that the trailer won’t be in until next week at the earliest, and I think they were going to get on to the UK New Line distributors to find out what had happened to their copy.

They were also going to put up a big sign in the foyer saying that they didn’t have the trailer!! I don”t think they want to spend the rest of today giving out refunds!

I’m guessing that this hasn’t happend at every cinema in the UK, but the moral is, if you’re going just to see it…phone ahead to make sure it’s there!