From: flandaGI saw the trailer today. I work at a theatre and we recieved the trailer today. We could not hold back our excitement so we just had to watch it. For anybody seeing a sneak of 13 days tonight the trailer WILL NOT be on it. It WILL BE on the movie Friday however.So the beginning of the trailer I did not get to see due to an error by the projectionist. However, there seemed to be lightning and what not. When the picture finally came into view it showed the ring in Frodo’s hand and it seemed to be getting smaller (larger?). I don’t remember all in the trailer but there was a shot of the fellowship walking up Cahadras.Remeber in the internet preview when they showed the test run for Massive of the army walking by the volcano. Well that shot is in it but it is finished and looks AWESOME.There is also a shot of galadrial and she says something like “even the small do great things” or something like that. They also showed some quick parts with the Nazgul, Saruman, Arwen lying on a bed it looked like.The best part of the trailer was the end where they show the Fellowship one by one walking up this mountain with Bill the Pony. However, at the time I thought I saw everyone in the Fellowship but now that I think about it I don’t remember seeing Gimli. I may just be mistaken because I was looking at all the makeup and it’s fooking amazing.Overall the trailer is 1:46. Not too long but long enough to wet every Tolkien fans appetite. The people I saw it worth had not read the books and had listened to my ramblings all week about it and had poked fun at it. Yet when they saw it they thought it kicked ass. So it looks like at least the trailer will please everyone.FlandaGUPDATEPrince Imrahil sneds along his own review of the trailer! I am getting a job at a movie theatre tomrrow…I sear.I also work in a cinema, in the UK. We’ve had the trailer in since Tuesday, but the staff screening of Lost Souls tonight was the first opportunity
we’ve had to see it. I posted my spoilers on Decipher’s LotR message board, but here it is again:OK, I finally got to see the trailerIt starts with the screen curtains moving back – New Line have created a trailer that can only be shown in CinemaScope (2.35:1) format… none of your standard aspect rubbish.Picture of a gold ring, spinning against a backdrop of red thunderclouds and lightning. ‘One Ring to rule them all, one ring to find them,’ goes the voice-over. ‘One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.’ Suddenly a Hobbit hand reaches up and grasps the Ring.We cut dramatically to the Orc hordes swarming across Mordor, than a medley of scenes: a helicopter shot of the Company crossing Caradhras; Aragorn throwing his flaming branch on Weathertop; Cate Blanchett as the Lady Galadriel promising Frodo that ‘even the smallest person can make a difference’. The voice-over promises us this treat ‘next Christmas’, with captions going through The Fellowship of The Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of The King.Finally, we again see the Company (in close-up this time) coming over a summit on the Misty Mountains: Gandalf leads, followed by Legolas, Gimli, then the four Hobbits (I don’t recall the order; Sam comes last, leading Bill the Pony), and last of all, Boromir and Aragorn bring up the rear.The trailer ends with a cast list, an invitation to visit the official website, and the following tag line: “You will find adventure / or adventure will find you.”I don’t know if I’d recommend buying a ticket just to see it, then walking out (a la Phantom Menace), but if you’re going to see a film this weekend make sure it’s the right one (Lost Souls in the UK; 13 Days in US and Canada).