We had a theory that the trailer would get hitched to movies that would appeal to the action/fantasy moviegoers. Wrong! Looks like New Line is betting that LOTR’s appeal will be wider than just the fantasy geek demographic. (And we agree, don’t we, girls?) So in Australia the LOTR trailer will be attached to ‘What Women Want,’ from January 18th onwards.Thanks to Demosthenes, who did the footwork and rang up Roadshow, the distributors, to find out. You can all try this at home.UPDATEOh it all gets confusing. There’s this, from Matt, who also did some asking:”Just got off the phone with a very helpful guy at Village Roadshow in Victoria, Australia–the trailer will be in Melbourne theatres on Thursday 18th January. They are unsure of the exact film (but this should be confirmed by Tues 16th Jan), but likely contenders would be “Dungeons & Dragons”, “Castaway”, “The 6th Day”, “Remember The Titans” and “Eye See You” as all are released on the 18th. He said that there will be advertising in the newspaper cinena guides saying which movie the trailer will be attached to, as they recently did with the “Tomb Raider” trailer.”Thanks for that! Confusing as it is – at least there’ll be advance warning.