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BursarWatch!!! 1/5/01

January 5, 2001 at 7:32 pm by Jincey  - 

I just got this letter today and am posting it for all the bursar watchers’ pleasure, lol : )


Hey all you Barlimaniacs!

It is I, your long lost comrade, TheBursar! I apologize for my long silence, but things have been EXTREMELY busy. I am the bearer of good tidings, however. This is the last week! On Jan. 5, I pass-in-review, or graduate. My mom decided to come up, so I’m happy.

I had liberty Christmas Day so I went to the movie theater. I saw ‘Castaway’. Wow. Pretty good. No LoTR trailer though. Saw previews for Pearl Harbor and D&D. Must… see… D&D… Need… Fantasy… Fix…

Enclosed is that so longed for picture of me in uniform; I hope you all like it. That’s my Dress Blue uniform… I look better in my working blues. One day I’ll send a picture of that.

In two weeks I’ll be in Charleston. Yay! But in the immediate future, tomorrow night is BattleStations, an all night event that tests EVERYTHING I have learned. I’ll have fun.

My next letter will probably be from Charleston. I miss y’all and will be back on-line soon. Promise!

From tropical (HA!) Great Lakes,

Posted in Barliman News on January 5, 2001 by
Thranduil Statue

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