It is very possible, and people from AICN to some close frineds on the inside have been hinting it, and now this:

From: TORN Staffer Turgon

Below is some publicity stuff I got from Random House/Ballantine Books, with the news that a commercial for LotR will run during the Super Bowl.

Tolkien, Tolkien, Tolkien-The Movie is Coming.

The Tolkien Boxed Sets, as well as individual books and tapes, continue to just blow away. But it won’t end with the Holidays, as 2001 begins the countdown to the movie!! Here’s what we know so far: the trailer will start showing 1/12/01 (attached to the new Kevin Costner movie about the Cuban Missile Crisis) According to insider gossip, this is the hottest and most anticipated trailer since Star Wars. Posters for the movie will also begin to go up into theatres at that time.

And to get the buzz really going. . .a commercial will run during the Super Bowl on 1/28/01. Since coverage of the Super Bowl commercials is sometimes wider and longer than coverage of the actual football game, people will definitely be talking about Lord of the Rings. Please keep the books and tapes up front and to stay well-stocked.

The Ballantine Mass Market Boxed Set (0345-34042-6, $27.96) Contains:
The Hobbit 0345339681 The Fellowship of The Ring 0345339703
The Two Towers 0345339711 The Return Of The King 0345339738
Audio Boxed Sets: Lord of the Rings CD (055345653-9, $69.95) Cassette (055547228-3, $59.95)