Greetings my friends it is I the regal beautiful spy Madame Butterfly

Sadly filming is drawing to a close. So this is my farewell report. I hope you have all enjoyed my stories. What a story I have to tell you this time my friends! It goes like this …………

My identical twin sister Salome, arrived back from the States, especially to see the king’s coronation. While Robbit The Hobbit went to the airport to pick Aalome up, The Toff and I saddled the horses. The beautiful Salome arrived and we all galloped up the firebreak at break neck speed. We thundered along the Hutt Hills Ridge Track roaring with laughter, as we had figured out a way to foil the polythene-screened Wingate film Set fence. Reining in the horses in unison, we took up our positions on the ridge above the film set. Zooming in our observation equipment we spotted The King! Yes Aragorn! Standing in front of the grand palace! He was dressed in the finest of costumes. His cloak was long and made of rich dark green velvet. He wore a shirt of chain mail with burnished amour incorporated into the costume. On his head he wore a crown. Not an overly large crown but a smaller, discreetly kingly-looking crown. Surrounding the king were his knights in the dark black, silvery-looking armor they wear. Just behind the king stood Gimli The Dwarf! Well it was his body double as he was of very small height. He had a great red bushy beard and long red hair. He wore a helm upon his head. HeHeheeeeeeeeee! To the front of Aragorn stood Gandalf The White! He was dressed in a flowing white robe. His hair and long beard were pure white. His beautiful long hair was like a mane that flowed all around him. To the right of the king stood the white tree in full blossom. The tree looked magnificent as it was covered in the most beautiful white blossoms.  Surrounding the white tree were the beautiful Elven women. Dressed in white and cream colored robes. They were very tall and very beautiful. Their hair was long and flowing. Most were blond but we spotted a couple of brunettes. One was Arwen Undomiel daughter of Elrond! Heheheeeeeeeeee. Arwen wore the finest robe of lime green silk. Her hair was long and dark and flowed all the way down her back. She looked very beautiful. On her head she wore a mantle of silver. Her ears were pointed, but discreetly so. They did not look odd at all. Then Aragorn moved forward, the Gimli body double fell into place behind Aragorn. Behind the Gimli body double walked Aragorns guard of honor! They then all disappeared behind a silver reflective screen. Arwen then appeared from beneath the flowering white tree. She walked forward a short distance and stopped. Her ladies in waiting followed. In her hand she held a standard with a banner unfurled. We could not see any detail on it. Then Aragorn appeared he stared at Arwen. She stared at Aragorn. Then she moved forward and walked up to him. Liv said her lines. Aragorn then took the standard from her. He held Arwens face with one hand in a tender fashion. Viggo then said his lines. Then their heads slowly moved together and they kissed! Heheheeeeeeeeeeee. It was not what I would call a passionate kiss. It was more of a lingering tender kiss. Then beautiful white petals were thrown over Arwen and Aragorn. Hundreds of beautiful white petals. The wind machines were on to create a soft breeze that swirled the white petals gently around in the air. The petals littered the ground around the film crew. I spotted a lady having fun with them throwing them up into the air.

Farewell for the final time my friends

Madame Butterfly