From: Ozscot

Hello , I saw the 20 minute trailer in Melbourne recently and I can confirm that this is accurate. The footage which covered the Prancing Pony was authentic and just as I imagined it. Shortly after the pic you have featured there is a shot of Aragorn hooded with a long pipe in his mouth …just like the book. After that shot and not necessarily in order you see Aragorn throwing Frodo into a room and chastising him (I assume it’s after his faux pax in the bar with the ring) That is at odds from the book as Aragorn was already in the room but this small detail did not affect my enjoyment of the footage. As a Tolkien fan of many years I am very excited about this film. I believe it will be huge and will meet the expectations of the great majority of fans. One piece of trivia I can give you is that all the hobbits speak in a english accent except Billy Boyd who has a broad Glaswegian accent…och aye.