From: Saint

Now ToyFare magazine is the premier Action Figure and Toy Collecting mag in existence. Their info is almost always 100% reliable. I picked up the new issue today, and was treated to this article about Gentle Giant Studios, a toy company that is turning the Action Figure world on its ear with their ultra-detailed figures.

They’ve created a new form of toy sculpting called Laser Scan, where they digitally scan an actor from a film, and turn that scan into a toy which looks exactly like the person. Results in HIGHLY detailed toys, with amazing likenesses.

Anyways, in this article it talks about how Gentle Giant, using its Laser Scan, has made some killer wrestling toys, and is going to be doing the Star Wars Episode II toys. Now I didn’t care about any of that, but then I read further into the article, and it said this: Karl Meyer, president of Gentle Giant Studios, said this “We’ve been working with Fox Studios, scanning the major actors like Mark Wahlberg for the upcoming Planet of the Apes remake,” Meyer said, “In addition to that, we just got back from New Zealand after scanning the principal actors in the Lord of the Rings film for Toy Biz (who are making the actual toys).”

So they are using their revolutionary technology to make amazingly life like LOTR figures. Man o man, I can’t wait to see them.

But I wasn’t happy with just that little tidbit of info, so I made my way over to to see what I could find. I found several pics of their great toys, and then I clicked on the Laser Scanning section, and it said in large letters “Now Scanning Lord of the Rings.” oh yeah!

Look through their site, especially the Laser Scanning section, to see many examples of how they do Scan people, and what the finished products look like. Enjoy!