From DarkHorizons

New Line’s Release Slate: There’s been a shake up of release dates for New Line’s upcoming film schedule. Kevin Costner’s “Thirteen Days” has been pushed back to a more appropriate December 25th limited/January 12th wide release. “Sugar and Spice” has been put back two weeks to February 9th, “Blow” has been moved up to March 30th, “Rush Hour” has been moved back to August 3rd, and “Lord of the Rings” has set a definitive date of December 19th. Other releases like “Happy Campers”, “Highway”, “John Q”, “Simone” and “Knockaround Guys” have all been declared ‘To Be Announced’. Thanks to ‘W’.

This will mean, of course, that the LOTR Trailer will most likely be pushed back with ‘Thirteen Days’ as well…sigh..