TheBursar has had a bit of spare time over the holidays and he’s sent 2 letters in 2 days! We post them here, with his snailmail addy following for anyone interested in writing to him.

Letter #1 (11/23/00)

Hey Barliman’s!
This is the intrepid Bursar writing to you yet again from deep within Great Lakes. First of all, Thank-you’s go out to everyone who is sending me letters and updates. I tell the people who ask that you are my fan club. : )
Anyway, today is Thanksgiving and as such is Holiday Routine. This is good, My jaw needs rest, especially now that my two lower wisdom teeth are gone. Ouch. But you have to carry on. And that is precisely what I am doing. I miss Barli’s.
On a side note, does anyone live near Chicago? If so, we could hang out a little during my liberty weekend. That would be cool.
Back to the main story… The people here are pretty cool to me. We are a family now. We have to be. But still, I crave news. The update I got last was Nov. 14 and Pip sent me a cool article on the press conference! (Thanx!) Too cool. So filming ends Dec 22… I don’t get out of here until Jan 5, and even then I think I go directly to my “A” school in Charleston, SC. That’s bad. I was hoping for a little downtime at least. I need the friendly atmosphere of Barli’s and some Blackened Balrog Wings.
I have a request for one of y’all… I miss my Tolkien, but I also miss my Pratchett. If someone could send me the Pratchett Quote File, I’d really appreciate it. That would be good for 10 strange looks at least. : )
Oh well, I oughta wrap this up; time is of the essence, although I don’t know what essence it is. Possibly Eu d’Nil.
Looking for a ray of hope, humor, and happiness in an environment desperately lacking in them (except for the coffee!).

Your Bud, Friend-for-Life, and Impossible-to-Get-Rid-of Guy,

Letter #2 (11/26/00)

Hello, All!
Well it’s been almost a month now since I left Barli’s. I can only imagine how things have changed. I feel out of place, like I’m still near home, but know I’m near Chicago. Strange.
How has Barli’s been? Organized chaos as usual? No unscheduled P.J. on-line press conferences? I’m sure you’ll let me know if there is.
TW, my new nickname here is Tweak, after the hyper kid on South Park. My shipmates have discovered my caffeine addiction. Mmmm… coffee…
There is a massive abuse of power here amongst the recruits given division staff positions. They should be required to take a leadership class. Shouting does not solve everything! Hardly a day goes by without some degree of headache.
Liberty weekend after Pass-In-Review is gonna be wild. Think about this: me, a legal adult, a sailor to boot, with money, no commitments except the Navy, all alone on the town in Chicago. Whoa.
The people I learn from the most are the Division Commanders. The sea-stories are so full of info, it is invaluable.
My picture should be taken soon. I’ll send y’all one!

The world will be my playground.

Am I ready to be on my own?

Is the world ready for me??

Your friend,
Nuclear Engineer-in-Training Bursar!

For your direct connection to TheBursar, write:
SR Hill, Robert V
Division #906 Ship Berth 04
Recruit Training Command
3301 Indiana Street
Great Lakes, IL 60088-3127