It seems fitting that so close to the end of filming, the crews should return to the place where they first started shooting, Mt. Vic. An eyewitness sent in this report:

“The New Film Set

There is a new film set in Mount Victoria. One drives up a residential street and there it is situated in a clearing at the bottom of the town belt. I don’t know how they are going to keep this one secret as it is in a public area and is also behind some residential houses. The public can view the set clearly from walking tracks above the set. The set has identical tents that were at the Lyall Bay set. I believe they are reshooting scenes that they did out at the Lyall Bay set, as this set is identical. It is below a very steep bank and is surrounded by pine trees. If they were to use Lyall Bay to reshoot these scenes, they would have to replant the area with trees as the Lyall Bay area, that they used in the past, is very barren. If people cast there minds back to Lyall Bay, they will remember that Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) was there preparing to leave for the paths of the Dead !