Hi there TORN people,
I went to look at the Mount Victoria Set after seeing it in the Evening Post. I live out at Lyall Bay so I knew the set that used to be out that way.
The set at Mount Victoria does almost look identical to it, with the same type of tents that have beautiful detailing around the entrance-ways. The layout of the Mount Victoria set is almost identical to the set that used to be at Lyall Bay.
But I do not think they are reshooting scenes that someone wrote in about though I did see the same sort of soldiers at the new set: Rohan soldiers, mounted on horses, and foot soldiers.
The following might be a clue to where this set is meant to be: I saw a woman dressed as a man, with a hobbit. I never saw a woman and a Hobbit at the Lyall Bay set. I have only read the book once some years ago so I don’t know the story that well. But I do remember there being a Lady of Rohan, who dressed as a man, and went into battle with a hobbit. Sorry I don’t remember their names. I will leave that up to you to work out!