Ringer Spy Josephs sends in news regarding the LOTR primere in South Africa.

Don’t know if this info is of any interest to you, but I’ve been following your coverage of the release dates for LOTR.

I live in South Africa and I decided to check at a cinema to see when we’d be getting LOTR. The manager went to check his files or something (obviously of expected release dates) and told me that she thinks it’s going to be released on the same day as all the other countries (I said something about December next year) and she nodded and said that that sounded right. She also told me that she had seen the Interent trailer.

Well, South Africa dosn’t get films MUCH later than other countries (about a 2-3 week delay), but it looks like we’ll get the first LOTR film right when everyone else gets it!

Xoanon Note: Claire Raskind called the TORN offices this afternoon to re state that the release dates for LOTR will be, as already reported in the press, a world wide simultaneous December 2001 release.