Elendil sends us some info about the upcoming ‘Eurobash’:

Curunir and Messiah are, as many of you know, planning a Barlimaniacs event in the US, August 2001. This event is for any who can attend, to meet the faces behind the names, and find out if their verbal abilities are better than their typing. =]

Well, many of us European folks just won’t be able to afford that, so I have had it bestowed upon me to organise the European version.

LOTR is scheduled for release around Christmas of 2001. To see the film, with people who appreciate Tolkien, near the spiritual home of the Great Man seems to be a great idea.

Essentially, the idea at this point is for you folks on mainland Europe to come across to the UK for however long you please – for some perhaps just a day or two, others for a full-on holiday, to meet each other, see the film, and do whatever else.

Early ideas revolve around meeting to consume heinous amounts of alcohol, see the film, and take it from there – in no particular order. It’d be nice to have people together for a few days, or even a week, but that is all up to you folks. I want your suggestions and ideas. We can brainstorm as many ideas as possible before the event, and then come up with some vague itinerary for it.

The idea of a little ‘Tolkien Tour’ has been suggested – drink in the pub where he and C.S. Lewis did in Oxford (only a short, cheap train journey from London), see Oxford Uni, JRR’s grave… whatever!

Some of the more energetic amongst us have already expressed a desire to go clubbing in London. The Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square is huge – us English folks can book the tickets for those who are unable, and then get paid back (in whatever way we deem necessary, of course…)

Anyway, it’s all up to YOU. Lets pool ideas. No excuses about “money” or “work” – you have over a year to plan. There’s plenty of cheap accomodation in and around London (B&B’s, Hostels, etc), and again, at this end we can research for you if necessary… Mel_A and Avatar in particular are said to be knowledgable in this area – cheers you two ;~)

Please email, talk to or contact as many people as possible who you think may be interested. We can’t do very much without you lot wanting it. Mel_A has agreed to help organise accomodation and nightlife plans. Myself and Avatar are your first points of contact for organising this. If you don’t email with your ideas or queries, nothing will happen. Get to it!

Let me know what you think. Please respond to eurobarlis@hotmail.com. See you in London.

– Elendil