Greetings – Quickbeam here.

Ah, CRAM… the perfect Thanksgiving Feast to serve a Tolkien fan. Not only can Green Books teach you the secret recipe for those famous rib-sticking dwarf rations, but we can teach you Elvish too! Check it out:

·Want to see Sauron as Tolkien envisioned him? The Professor had wonderful drawing talent, as shown in the new edition of J.R.R. Tolkien: Artist and Illustrator. Turgon has a copy of this most perfect of Christmas presents over on his Bookshelf.

·This is your chance to learn Elvish grammar! We are very proud to bring you this exclusive feature: Cent o Hedhellem “An Examination of the Elvish Tongues” over in Moon Letters! Amaze your family at the dinner table when you let loose with a silvery sentence of Quenya.

·Solve some mysteries with our new Questions & Answers:

­Why an additional Morgul-path?
­Why did the Nazgûl have such a hard time finding the Shire?
­How was Gandalf brought back from bodily destruction?
­Who was the real father of Bullroarer Took?

All these and more can be found here.

·Learn to make cram the traditional way. Our LOTR Recipes Section brings the best culinary delights of Middle-earth right your kitchen.

·Have a creative writing piece, song, or poem inspired by Tolkien? Send it to us at

For all our international readers who don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving Day, well, what can I say? You really don’t know what you’re missing. The food, the family fighting, the upset stomach. It’s the most hellacious American holiday of them all.

Much too hasty,