From: Androg

I got ‘The Summit’ (The magazine of the sports clothing dealer Kathmandu’s Summit Club) in the mail today, and found an article about the movies. It’s four paragraphs of text, but the only information that I think is new was in the first paragraph:

“At the end of February this year the staff at Kathmandu started working on what would prove to be an exciting connection with the production of The Lord of the Rings trilogy in New Zealand. The cast and crew of this huge production were offered a considerable discount at selected Kathmandu stores, and since then actors, crew members, and extras have been able to keep warm and look cool in adverse locations such as volcanic Rotorua in the North Island and alpine Twizel in the South Island. There is a lot of waiting around when filming, especially for the extras, and in order to fully enjoy being part of such a fantastic experience they need to keep warm. Therefore we set up a deal so that those who wanted to could cosy up in our Polartec, Gore-Text, and Ecofleece clothing, and stay warm and dry throughout the filming.”

–Sonja Hepso, Editor, The Summit

Also, at the end of the article they mentioned three websites about the movies, one of which was!