Well,the big squashed thing at Queen Elizabeth Park has stirred up some rumours. How could it not? Our correspondent writes:

“the picture of the ‘Nazgul’ creature from the Evening Post has caused a bit of controversy. The angle of the photo makes it difficult to make out the shape of the creature, but i went to the Park and got a good look it and it looks more like an Oliphaunt than a Nazgul.

This creature has 4 legs, rough leathery skin, and a platform strapped on its back. This makes me believe that it is an Oliphaunt and not a Nazgul as first thought. The platform on the creature’s back is quite large and could hold several men. I always imagined the Nazgul-steed carried one passenger only, so therefore would only need a single saddle.

A very tall actor in armour was spotted on set. Could this be the Witch King? If so, then maybe the Nazgul will be a CGI creature.”

Thanks for that! Meanwhile the Evening Post has revised its opinion too, as you can see over at Stuff