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Oliphaunts and Nazgul!

November 15, 2000 at 4:50 am by Tehanu  - 

Well,the big squashed thing at Queen Elizabeth Park has stirred up some rumours. How could it not? Our correspondent writes:

“the picture of the ‘Nazgul’ creature from the Evening Post has caused a bit of controversy. The angle of the photo makes it difficult to make out the shape of the creature, but i went to the Park and got a good look it and it looks more like an Oliphaunt than a Nazgul.

This creature has 4 legs, rough leathery skin, and a platform strapped on its back. This makes me believe that it is an Oliphaunt and not a Nazgul as first thought. The platform on the creature’s back is quite large and could hold several men. I always imagined the Nazgul-steed carried one passenger only, so therefore would only need a single saddle.

A very tall actor in armour was spotted on set. Could this be the Witch King? If so, then maybe the Nazgul will be a CGI creature.”

Thanks for that! Meanwhile the Evening Post has revised its opinion too, as you can see over at Stuff

Posted in Old Spy Reports on November 15, 2000 by

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