Madame B sends in the latest from a set very close to Wellington called Queen Elizabeth Park in Paekakariki. Check out what she has to say!

I am a Kapiti Coast Local who happened to stumble on a Lord Of The Rings Set in Queen Elizabeth park which is situated at Mc Kay’s Crossing, Paekakariki.

The Set is located on private land but you can see it from a road within the park. I was strolling there with my mates when one shouted out “What the B….Y! H..L! is that!?”

We sprinted down a track, leapt the fence and crossed some farm paddocks dodging the cow pats. From our vantage point behind a gorse bush we saw the huge black figure my friend had seen from the road. It was a guy approximately 7 feet high, and twice as wide, dressed in the most evil looking black armor I have ever seen. This guy really was huge!

“Now, being a fan of the book, I’d come across a picture of the Witch King on the net.

PJ’s Witch King looks very very similar. Except for a few details. The Witch King in the picture is a skinny-looking thing. This Witch King is not! The crown in the picture is a pathetic-looking thing. This Witch King’s crown is massive! The armour on this Witch King covers the whole body and is as black as the darkest night! This Witch King has a mace! ( as does the Witch King in the picture.) This Witch King sure knows how to use it too!

He was a smashing up a stuffed dummy with that mace big time! That sight made me nervous….we just took off out of there!