I got a letter from TheBursar today with his first update on life in the Navy. I am posting it here for folks who’ve been asking for his address:

Dear Denizons of the Smoky Depths of Barliman’s,

Hey All! Yes, ’tis I, the intrepid Bursar writing to you from the Bowels of Boot Camp. Here I am, sitting beside my bunk in the barracks for Division 906 in Great Lakes, Illinois. Boot Camp is a very… um… interesting experience. No more soft civilian life for me. I miss y’all a lot, but I’m continuing to spread the Word of Tolkien even here. You would be amazed how many people here have read Tolkien but were unaware of the movies. This is where I come in. : )

I STILL play the Pants Game, sing spontaneously, and quote madly at people. My shipmates affectionately (I think) call me Lurch. I’m 6’3″, this is understandable. What goes on with you guys? I am starved for info! Especially LOTR news…. And I miss Barli’s. Please send letters! The more the better! (I’m secretly hoping to get the most letters in my division!)

But, back here things are Busy, Busy, Busy. I’m eating more than I ever did before. I’m also getting into better shape than I ever was before. I think I can safely say I won’t be the same person I was when I got here.

If you all could send me, possibly in weekly allotments, the latest developments in the world of LOTR. Hello to everyone and please take care, write to ask me ANYTHING! I need letters! Must… hear… from… Barli’s… Going… into… withdrawal…

MEDIC! 1,000 cc’s 1420 STAT!

Anyway, until I can write again, take care, I will write!

Your friend,
Seaman Recruit Bursar!

Mailing address:
SR Hill, Robert V.
Division # 906, Ship Berth 04
Recruit Training Command
3301 Indiana Street
Great Lakes, Illinois 60088-3127