I have discovered another LOTR set near Wellington. It is located at Queen Elizabeth Park, next to McKay’s Crossing, which is just south of Paraparaumu on State Highway 1. (From memory, this will put in on a narrow strip of coastal land with an almost-sheer wall of hills behind – T.) I could see a few tents and ‘Jamb’signs, but I did not have time to have a good look, as I was just passing. I will see if I can find out more about this set for you.

Lots of action at Wingate too. Horses, Orc extras, Gondorian Knights, and possibly Men of Rohan were seen at the set. A very short actor in robes (A child or a very short adult) was wandering about. The green windbreak screen covering the fence is a nuisance, but there are several good viewpoints on the surrounding hills, and a lot can be seen. I am not sure what city is being portrayed at Wingate, and the ‘Jollywood’ building across the road from the set is curious.

Inside the Wingate set is a signpost with the word ‘Pollywood’. Obviously a reference to the polystyrene and wood construction of the set, and possibly a link to ‘Jollywood’. And I thought LOTR crews had no sense of humour 🙂

Many thanks to Robbit the Hobbit once again.