Xoanon here with some interesting news from some intrepid spies out in California. It seems that the folks at New Line are aiming to get the LOTR Trailer tagged in front of the Kevin Costner drama ’13 Days’.

Very reliable sources on the inside say that the plans are underway to get the new trailer out by the December 20th deadline, which means the trailer will have to be cut and polished way before then, so it’s all a matter of timing.

More details on the teaser follow, highlight to read:
The teaser trailer will last 1 to 1 1/2 minutes. There will be plenty of graphics and new images. Apparently the trailer will I.D. some of the major characters for the non-Tolkienites among us. There will be a great long shot of all 9 walkers on the way towards Cathadras. No word on music or dialogue being used.

All this is of course not 100% reliable, my contact stresses, however, it’s about 95.5% close.