An alert observer at the Wingate set wrote in:

“Now about this Jollywood business. What absolute rubbish! They have leased or bought the buildings across the road from the set. When the day’s filming is over, a couple of huge buses park on the road outside the “Jollywood” buildings. I suspect the extras go over there and gather after a day’s filming, before getting on the buses. I have noticed people leaving the set, not in costume, walking across the road and entering the “Jollywood” buildings. “

Another correspondent confirmed that indeed ‘’ exists as a domain name, but:

“… the site was registered on Jan 7, 2000, by an individual with no apparent organisational affiliation– at least, none was listed in the WHOIS record, and the person who registered the domain doesn’t bother to use their own mail server. Probably this is just typo-squatting for”

They appear to be based in California.

Meanwhile, this is what was seen actually being filmed in Wingate, which is, as you may recall, currently dressed up as a dark, gloomy citadel with balconies and stairways in abundance (or so our spies have said):

“There were these guys in black medieval looking armor doing a scene on and in the castle battlements. The scene consisted of the guys walking up and down stairs through what looks like a ruined castle. The guys in the black armor were carrying really tall spears… I saw a crowd of extras all dark haired wearing brown cloaks gathered in front of the ruined castle. A lot of the extras seemed to be carrying bows and spears of various descriptions. There were other guys walking around in green cloaks and I spotted a child-sized actor walking around in a hooded green cloak…I spotted two flash-looking actors in rather flash looking armor, lurking in the shadows in the castle archways.”

Thanks to all our newsgatherers.

Hmmm, that scene just described could be anything, really. Any guesses? Some people have said we could be seeing something in Osgiliath, like a bit of Faramir and Boromir’s story which is only reported in passing in the books. But the presence of a hobbit double (Pippin?) suggests that we could be seeing Minas Tirith after it’s suffered being burned and pounded by the siege engines of Mordor.