Ringer Spy John Doe gives us a nice update on the shooting schedule for LOTR. Apparently he sends word that principal photography may end on December 22.

That is what I have been told. They were all scheduled to go thru till Dec 22nd I think, but now have lots of post work shooting that won’t fit in the current schedule. Will probably be only Unit 1b that may be filming past Dec 22 from what I was told. I heard a rumor of this about 3 weeks ago, and 2 others have discussed it with me and they have heard from their supervisors that this may be the case.

Also I’ve been told that unit 1b can’t film north of Wellington as there are budget restrictions and 3foot6 won’t pay accommodation for 3 nights for the whole unit.

Unit 1b is currently filming around Wellington in various locations.

In Kaitoke, Poets Corner and the studios. These have all been night shoots. They have some amazing props including a couple of large full size elephants which I would guess to be used as Mammoths or something.

Another set I’ve visited recently was a large forest in a warehouse. The trees are being made from parts of other trees. I.E. they are being pieced together. Also they had one tree that was built on Mechanical Arms.

Unit 2a Goes back to Wellington on Monday 13th Nov. Saw Dominic Monaghan (Merry) wandering around town the other day.

Xoanon Note: Well, those elephant things are obviously oliphaunts, can’t wait to see those on the big screen!