Sam sent this in from Wellington, in reference to our news from the Wingate set:

“Two bits of news here. I was talking to one of the Wingate guards (nice guy, actually), and he told me that there was a company working hard to get LotR footage and sell it over the internet, and it was the one with the Jollywood sign, previously mentioned. That building was right opposite the set, and had dark windows and white vans and stuff. has recently been registered, don’t know if this is related…

Also, those rectangular pits no-one knows anything sbout? They’re probably, the guard says, for burning the set once they’re finished there. There are already broken polystyrene columns in one pit, that I could see. The guard wouldn’t give me any. 🙂 Apparantly, they tried to dump a whole lot at the nearby dump, but it was polystyrene, so they weren’t allowed to. But if anyone wants to check the dumps, it may be worth it!”

What the…? Are people going mad? Is somebody telling whoppers?(wouldn’t be the first time!) Is this Jollywood thing at all plausible? Well, keep your eyes open, Sam!