Ringer Spy Vans sends in news regarding who, what, when and where they’ll be scoring The Lord Of The Rings!!

The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra will be recording the soundtrack (presumably only to the Fellowship) in April 2001.

Musicians – The entire New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, see below. I don’t know who will be conducting it. Possibly Howard Shore himself, I guess, if he does much conducting.

Places – Possibly in the Michael Fowler Centre, or in Michaela recording studio further up near Courtenay Place. I’m not sure which they use for professional recording gigs.

Dates – A number of dates in the first weeks of April (I only had a very brief glance at their callsheet). These are “booked solid”, so it’s definitely going to happen then.

I know quite a few of the players in the NZSO, but they won’t get the music until a week or so before I should think.

That’s really all I know. I doubt Howard has even started on the music yet – these things tend to get done very quickly indeed.

The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

Music Director JAMES JUDD
Principal Guest Conductor Matthias Bamert
Conductor Laureate Franz-Paul Decker
Concertmaster Wilma Smith

First Violins
Wilma Smith
Donald Armstrong
(Associate Concertmaster)
Vesa-Matti Leppanen
(Assistant Concertmaster)
Yury Gezentsvey
Ursula Evans
Ronald Jara
Dean Major
Ann Loeser
Stephanie O’Flaherty
Juliana Radaich
Matthew Ross
Vera Rubin
Gregory Squire
Rebecca Struthers
Satomi Suzuki

Second Violins
Andrew Thomson
David Gilling
Janet Armstrong
Sharyn Evans
Jane Freed
Elspeth Gray
Andrew Kasza
Dean Major
Stephen Managh
Simon Miller
Elizabeth Patchett
Robin Perks
Lucien Rizos
Katherine Rowe

Vyvyan Yendoll
Brian Shillito
Peter Barber
Michael Cuncannon
Anna Debnam
Lisa Egen
Jenaro Garita
Norbert Heuser
Lyndsay Mountfort
Belinda Prentice
Phillip Rose
Peter van Drimmelen

David Chickering
Allan Chisholm*
Brigid O’Meeghan
Roger Brown
Eleanor Carter
Vivien Chisholm
Vivienne Gordon
Robert Ibell
Annemarie Meijers
Rowan Prior

Double Basses
Dale Gold
Victoria Jones
Nicholas Sandle
John de Colville
Stephen Gibbs
Barry Johnstone
Malcolm Struthers

Bridget Douglas
Nancy Luther-Jara

Nancy Luther-Jara

Bob Ingliss
Robert Orr
Stephen Popperwell
Ellen Sherman

Cor Anglais
Ellen Sherman

Marina Sturm
Patrick Barry
Mary Scott
Rachel Vernon

Bass Clarinet
Rachel Vernon

Lawrence Preman Tilson
Sue Heineman
David Angus
Hamish McKeich

Contra Bassoon
Hamish McKeich

Edward Allen
Gregory Hill
Heather Anderson
William Ryan
Peter Sharman

Michael Kirgan
Cheryl Hollinger
Mark Carter
Tom Moyer

Marc Taddei
Peter Maunder
Graeme Browne

Bass Trombone
Graeme Browne

Kenneth Young

Bruce McKinnon
Matthew Clayton
Bud Jones
Stephen Harker

Laurence Reese

Rachel Thomson

Carolyn Mills