Greetings friends it is I the beautiful regal spy Madame Butterfly.

My phone rang it was one of my fellow spies, Robbit The Hobbit. “Madame B, they have put a screen around the Wingate compound”! “It is a green windbreak material and covers the Wingate compound fence”! “One can just see through it, but not too well” 🙁 I let out a string of vile curses at the shocking news!)
I know of a way of viewing the set clearly. I saddle up my black thoroughbred stallion, Diabolo and climb up into the saddle. We thunder up the firebreak and along the Hutt hills ridge track. I crouch low in the saddle my long dark hair and black robes flying in the wind. Heheeeeeeeee . Diabolo’s mighty hooves pound the ground as I urge the stallion on. The news must reach the fans! We skid to a halt on the ridge above the Wingate compound, the home of the latest Lord Of The Rings Set. I look through my special viewing device and this is what I see:
Scaffolding is being built along the back of the compound. Concrete is being laid on the ground, around the back of the compound.
The set is going to be huge. It looks like it may almost fill the entire Wingate compound. No wonder they have screened the fence! Spoil sports.:(Interesting. Yes they have added a green substance to the castle walls, it looks like fake moss? This makes the castle look very old and very eerie. The black walls of the castle, look now to be a very dark grey. Giving the castle a somewhat evil look. I continue to view the set. Excavators are busy at work, moving large amounts of gravel around the front of the compound. Now I wonder what that is for? I zoom my viewing device in on the mysterious holes in the ground. I cannot figure out what they are for? Yes very interesting. Time to go and send the report to Tehanu!

Farewell friends

Madame Butterfly