Among the things that Onfilm magazine found out for November is one that made me sit up a little. A few months ago Peter Jackson bought the National Film Unit to handle post-production. It’s just made a ‘classified’ major investment in sound equipment, and is planning to expand the digital video domain as well. So they’re taking good care of the sound on these movies too.

Another snippet from the same mag gave a quote out of the Variety interview which I don’t remember reading there: The reporter asked him why he continued to work only in NZ and Jackson replied, “Why leave the Shire to go and live in Mordor?”

Lastly there’s a few bits of DVD news: Old buddy and co-director Costa Botes who made the mockumentary ‘Forgotten Silver’ with Jackson is preparing a special US edition of it that will include a ‘making-of’ segment and an interview with PJ. Meanwhile several distributors want to release ‘Forgotten Silver’ on DVD format, and PJ’s first feature ‘Bad Taste’ will soon be re-released as a DVD and shown on the Sci-Fi Channel in the US. ‘Bad Taste’ has earned over a million dollars (NZ) and returned 350% on its original budget.