Sean Bean (Boromir) is apparently auctioning off a guided tour of Pacifica….

‘And this is Tehanu’s house…interesting that..’

From: Sauron’s Bane

Sean Bean (Boromir) made a brief appearence on ITV’s “Celebraty Auction” programme, which auctions celebrity artifacts for charity. Bean offered a holiday where you tour the pacific islands with him! Imagine all the LOTR questions you could ask him! [More]


From: Nona@the compleat Sean Bean

Sean did not auction off a personally guided tour of a South Pacific island.

He was a celebrity presenter at the televised celebrity charity auction. He INTRODUCED and PRESENTED one of the lots to be auctioned off – which was a trip to the Maldives. That was the extent of his involvement – he had nothing to do with the actual holiday….

Info (and vidcaps) here