Greetings friends it is I the beautiful regal spy Madame Butterfly.

My phone rings. A mysterious voice says “ Go to Wingate Madame, the set is taking shape, but beware the builders are in a boisterous mood.” I go into my disguise room to choose a new wig and colored contact lenses. Hmmmmm brunette again, or a red head perhaps. Hmmmmm yes the blond one, with the green contacts. Today I will be a beautiful green-eyed blond! HeHeHeeeeeeee. I call the poor unfortunate feline Lioness put her on her chain and in the car and we proceed to Peterkin Street, home of the Wingate Set. I proceed to view the set through my special observation equipment. Hmmmmmmmm yes indeed, very interesting. The set now looks like a ruined castle. Hmmmmmmmm it does not fit the description of Minas Tirith! Yes! Minas Morgul perhaps? The set is huge. A huge set of steps, or should I say stairs, have been added to the castle. The stairs are very wide, about 20 or so feet in width? The stairs have been constructed so a large tunnel forms underneath them. Suddenly lioness pulls on her chain and roars! The builders have become very boisterous and are approaching! Then a burly security guard appears! They huddle in a group and throw furious looks in my direction, but the spitting snarling creature at my side holds them at bay. HeHeHeeeeeeeee. I toss my long blond hair, gather up my dark robes, and roar with laughter, leaving the poor unfortunate creature to deal with the enemy. I proceed along the fence line to view the balcony on the front of the castle. The balcony is now broken and in ruins like the rest of the set. The castle is now being clad in a fake brick like material and is being painted black. Hmmmmm. Yes very interesting. I walk, with a bold stride, back along the fence line to view the mysterious holes in the ground. Yes indeed, I am sorry friends, but I am yet to work out what these holes are for.

Time to call off the cat! I whistle and the creature bounds into the car. I smile sweetly at the enemy and put my foot down disappearing into the distance. HeHeHeeeeeeee

Until next time my friends. Farewell!

Madame Butterfly