One of our Regulars, TheBursar, has done gone off and joined the NAVY!!! He wants to keep in touch with all his friends while in boot camp and beyond, so he asked me to post this letter to all : )

Suliad, friends,

It is I, the intrepid, one-of-a-kind (Hopefully), and destined for military service Bursar. This is my first in a long list of letters that you will all, gods willing, receive from me. They will chronicle my life on the inside, if you will, of Military life, and how one lil’ ol’ Bursarman like myself can find ways to convert more and more people to the righteous cause of Tolkien, yeah!

To begin with, I will miss you all very much while I am away… coming into Barliman’s is a great way to meet really cool people, and you have all grown to become my friends. I can’t mention names, not for fear of leaving anybody out, but because I don’t want this thing to stretch on and on and on.

Anyway, I leave Tuesday morning, October 31, (Halloween!… I wonder if I will get any special, Military-Issue candy….hmmmm). I will be leaving my home here and flying out to Great Lakes, Illinois (That’s in the US, for all of you fuzzy on America out there) where I will attend boot camp for a period of 9 weeks. After Boot camp, I believe I get a few days back home before I leave for school, so you all could see me, in the Alias, around about January. After my few days, I get to go to Nuclear School in Charleston, South Carolina (Also in the US for those mentioned above) for a period of about 2 to 2 1/2 YEARS. Now, I believe that they do indeed have computers for use by the Navy Personnel, and I’ll have to buy Internet time, but I will be able to talk with y’all there, I think. Gods willing, I’ll even make it to Barli-Bash, USA in August. But all that is too far ahead to really worry about right now.

For now, I will miss you guys, don’t burn down Barli’s while I’m gone, and I will expect updates in letters that you guys send me. I don’t have the address yet, but it’s coming. Make me the happiest guy in Boot Camp–send me letters!!! please?!?!? Let me know you guys are still alive and kickin’. Until then, this is your one-and-only Bursar signing off…

Tenn’ enomentielva , TheBursar