Ringer Spy Kerish reports in with more info on a set he/she/it has visited recently!

It appears its not to be a village that they are building but actually a castle! It looks pretty huge and that balcony that I spoke of a while back has been nicely damaged to give it that ruined effect. Strange really on what they’re filming there. Did I mention the steps I saw them making 2 weeks back? no? ok They had some steps in constuction on the side of the set, about 6 foot high by about 5 or 6 meters in length, about 4 meters width. That has been completed and is fixed to the main set. The whole thing is now stretched over most of the site with the closed part (the steps) about 10 meters from the fence line. the blue screen has been stretched in a half circle at the only end thats visible now and has some odd looking paint marking across them (they look like really large bricks (perhapes an indication of what they intend to cover the screen with next?)They haven’t finished the set yet, but I’ll be up there in a few more days (hopefully with no builders about) so I may go in and take another nosey.

Take a look at the pics from Kerish’s last report!