Greetings from the chambers of The Hall of Fire. We’ve come up with another topic for your debate, this one inspired by a suggestion sent in from regular HoF chatter Joe.

What is the Most Important Battle in the History of Middle-earth?

Evil wasted no time rearing its ugly head in the world of Tolkien’s creation… Eru’s song was incomplete before Melkor’s discord became a part of the mix. And in all ages of Middle-earth there has been battle after battle, war after war, in attempt to stem the dark tide or wipe it out completely.

Which of these battles was the most pivotal in Middle-earth’s history? The Battle of the Powers? The Battle of Unnumbered Tears? The Battle of the Peak? The War of Wrath? The Battle of the Pelennor Fields? Perhaps the Kinslaying? The Last Alliance of Men and Elves? Or even the Battle of Bywater?

You be the judge, but be prepared to defend your call! We’re pleased to welcome Joe on board this weekend as our guest moderator. Thanks for the topic idea Joe!

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