New Line Cinema’s ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ film is out today in the UK. Head on over to your nearest cinema for your fantasy fix until xmas 2001!

DND will be out in the US and Canada on December 8, 2000. We here at think there may be a LOTR trailer for the US release…keep your eyes open.


Well, I always say IMDB is the movie website of the GODS, but even the GODS make mistakes, or so I’ve been told. UK Ringers from around the fish ‘n’ chips region have written in to tell me they’ve not seen hide nor hair of DND in theatres. So I did a little more scooping and found WICO ‘When’s It Coming Out?’, this site lists DND’s release date as February 16th. Won’t some caring member of the UK Theatre Popcorn Butter Management Department drop me a line?