How very cool to have LOTR mentioned on CNN, the greatest of all TV Stations, I LOVE CNN, can you tell? Ah well, working on getting the clip for you folks…and those CNN people that I KNOW read this site, get back to me! 🙂

CNN Headline News did a story on movie sequels, and the idea of shooting sequels at the same time came up, for example the next Matrix movies are being shot together, as was Back to the Future 2 and 3. They then mentioned The Lord of the Rings, and Bod Friedman of New Line talked about the benifits of shooting all the movies together, especially when using 20,000 extras. They showed a lot of the internet preview during it, with no new footage that I recognized. They usually repeat the stories every 45 minutes or so, so it will probably be on a couple more times today, but I have to go to school.