A mysterious email came across my desk this evening from a ‘John Doe’. (I wonder if he’s related to the American ‘Doe’s’ from the town of ‘Unknown’) The letter goes into a little detail about a celebration at Producer and all around nice guy Barrie Osborne (see Barrie, we do love you), please note, this has not been confirmed yet…and in all likelyhood won’t but it’s a nice story anyway:

Last friday (13th) marked the 1 Year point for Unit 1a Filming and a large party was thrown at Barry Osbourne’s holiday home 10 Mins from Queenstown.

Orlando Bloom (Legolas), Elijah Wood (Frodo) & Sean Astin (Sam) were all there. A Spectacular fireworks display was going, They had 2 videos playing fulltime of the making, which was organised into sections based on filming locations. The 1 year mark for Unit 2 is this wednesday and I believe a Party will be held in Twizel This Saturday.