Mysterious Spy John Doe is back with some more insider news, read on…no I.D. Required:

Principle Photography Is intended to finish the friday before X-mas. The filming on Deer Mountain (Facing Queenstown) is being based around an old Disney Movie Set from 1985-86 Called “The Rescue” about a group of kids who rescue their Navy Seal dads from a Korean Prison.

I believe Unit 1 will go back to Wellington in a week, and the rest are staying on for between 3-5 more weeks.

I have also seen a set (Will not disclose where) of a Man made mountain pass, the mountain was very rocky and approx 15-20 Metres high, with a cave that had some sort of temple inside in. Spears and Spikes were at the entrance to the cave & it involved approx 20 Orcs.