I’m glad Xtem sent us the original article that started that rumour:

“New Zealand extras working on the $550 million Lord of The Rings production are being exploited with substandard wages and conditions, says an international film consultant. Hollywood based actor, producer and film consultant Anna Wilding, who is visiting family in Christchurch, said New Zealanders hired to supply and ride horses in the epic were being treated like “slave labour”.”

I notice there wasn’t any evidence i.e. quotes from extras who hated it. We on the website used to get emails all the time from people who’d crawl naked over broken glass for a chance to be allowed to be involved as extras (as if we could help!) so horsemaster Steve Old is right when he says people would pay to have that experience.

Well, you head off to the big city, you come home with all these big-city notions, like ‘never do anything for any other reason than money.’ Thanks for your input, Ms. Wilding.